Cod-E &
Alma Riddell - Missing A Stranger EP
This album will be released on 1th June 2014

(CC) License Creative commons 4.0 Int.

Cod-E is known for his experiments in the music world, and we can hear from him almost all genres of electronic music, from hip-hop to ambient music through the DnB various experiments around dark music etc...
This time he got to cooperation with the 15 year old rapper-woman from Scotland which is called Alma Riddell, and this EP is a result of cooperation between these.
EP contains 6 unique tracks not only the rhythm of hip-hop where they are quite creative compositions of joint music projects Cod-E and Alma Riddell.

Here are their biography:


Alma is 15 years old and lives in a really boring part of Scotland which she attempts to liven up by writing rap and house music, cosplaying, speaking questionable German, and living the dream of being the most kawaii rapper in the UK.


Under the pseudonym Cod-E is hidden the 37 years old producer his named Felix. He has worked as a delivery driver and started making music again after he quit drinking. Soon after that, Fretnoiz records asked him for 2 tracks for FNR022 and he was very stunned. Motivated by ADZi, he started focusing on more work and founded Montfort records, because of the need of a hobby. After working on Korg synthesizers for about 2 years Felix decided to use Reason and it worked. While suffering with depression in a mental hospital, he made an album for his side project "Oni_pelted_by_beans".


PsychoPlastiks - Life After Death EP

This album will be released on 8th March 2014

(CC) License Creative commons 4.0 Int.

After their first album in 2012, PsychoPlastiks come back to AmaCreedO releasing a brand-new EP. It is composed of 3 tracks, which range from downtempo to electronic music.
This EP represent a trip through the concept of LIFE. While “Lost In The Storm” and “Life After Death” can be described as “a dark mood which gradually turns into bright ambience”, “In Troubles” might be “a troubled race toward the depth of our consciousness, which rises till reaching acid and grave sounds.”
The whole composition, which crosses different vibes maintaining dreamy pads and sharp percussions, could be seen as a personal thought about the meaning of being.
However, the good thing about electronic music is that everyone is able to perceive it intimately thanks to the “lack” of lyrics, and certainly “Life After Death EP” is a striking evidence of this

 THE Unique 30th Release Celebration
AmaCreedO Records 11


APOPHYSIA - From The Past Of The Universe
This album will be released on 3th March 2014

(CC) License Creative commons 4.0 Int.


The Opposer Divine - Delusion Machine
This album will be released on 19th February 2014


This a new five-track album of the independent Slovak music project called The Opposer Divine and his album titled Delusion Machine, will soon be released on the label AmaCreedO Records 11.

About EP:
5 songs of Delusion Machine EP picture out the life of a machine inside of the human. Combination of the mechanical fantasies, noises and atmospheres from the foundry of The Opposer Divine.
Close your eyes and listen to the machine in yourself.


Yurgent File - Sacratum EP+
This album will be released on 7th January 2014

Link will be active from 7tj January 2014

On the Czech-Mexican independent music label AmaCreedO Records 11 will be released on 7th January 2014 a new EP from the Kievan producer who is called Yurgent File, which created a new EP called Sacratum EP+ where you will find a 5 songs, is 3 of the remastered original tracks and 2 previously unreleased original songs.
EP based on 7th January 2014 and will be available for FREE download on the website
Thank you for your support.


Audio Prophet - Remaining Time - B Side
Angel In The Night - Remixes + Bonus track
This album will be released on 21th December 2013


At the end of August was released on label AmaCreedO Records album of JD Bass project, who named Audio Prophet and his album called Remaining Time.
JD Bass aka. Audio Prophet, decided to remix one of the songs on this album, and did It. He chose the song Angel in the Night. Remaining Time / B Side is such supplementing for B side of this album.
As a bonus, this will also include a remix from Prague's DJ and producer who is called ADZi (JRC, FretNoiz Records 98, AmaCreedO Records 11).


Audio Prophet - Ambient Mix 2013 ( Live ! )
This album will be released on 17th. November 2013


Live DJ mix full of ambient music from production by the Czech musical artist named Audio Prophet. Mix is called simply as Ambient Mix 2013 Live!
It consists of 12 unique tracks. Pleasant listening for all...


01) Gate One
02) Gate Two
03) Gate Three
04) You Feel
05) Aspect One
06) Gate Four
07) Aspect Two
08) Dont Stop
09) Dark Rain
10) Dont Stop (part 2)
11) Gate Five
12) Aspect Three


The Opposer Divine - Symbols of Oppression
Date released is 11th November 2013


Thanks to AmaCreedo Records 11 minor can release the next act from the foundry of The Opposer Divine. this time 9 tracks are in the release, some were created with help of Andromeda Draco and Stefan from Die Productivitaet. The Opposer Divine is with this release promoted to the full family member of the projects, on which minor besides Terminal State and Machine slaves is working.


AmaCreedO Records - Time When Darkness Falls In The silence
Date released is on 28th October 2013


This time in to the compilation contributed the 32 producers from 22 countries around the world, and their music candies which total 43 songs are a real gem for peace of mind and relax during the long winter evenings.  This year's compilation is focused on chill-out music, you can find nice pieces of ambient, IDM, but also achievements of the genre around dubstep, trip-hop, break and various experiments in the field of electronic music.  The genres on the compilation is prepared in gradual gradation beginning at drone-ambient on through downtempo, trip-hop and post-dubstep to the experiments about industrial music or fine breakbeat. The total time length compilation is something around 3 hours and 40 minutes of relaxing music, so really nice dose of good music...
...So peoples, prepare for bed, blackout the lights, headphones put comfortably on ears, and relax with a music...


Jed Rabid - Undigested (full album)
Date released is on 29th September 2013


In the Sunday 29th September 2013 will be released on AmaCreedO Records "11" the next third album from South African producer who says Jed Rabid and his album called Undigested.
The album has a total of 18 songs in more than 77 minutes footage. The songs are more or less holding modern multi-genre electronic music full heavy of bass, genres around: dubstep, post-dub, ebm, synth-pop etc...
Each song is a unique in composition and also in the speech of art. The album will be released on Sunday, 29th September 2013 on the AmaCreedO Records 11...
The album will be as usual for free download !


Album released in 31th August, 2013



Album is named Remaining Time is full of melancholy, nostalgia, love and mystery that no one notuntwist. I wore this in itself might take the form of whole life hiding in me, and I never let it come to light, but now the time has come. Album Remaining Time will show what the music, and how do I really feel, and always felt. I just want to make it clear, anywhere, to anyone. This album reveals all that remained hidden, and a little piece of myself.

Founder and member of the Audio Prophet project JD Bass, which you know as the drumandbass producer and DJ, but also as the especially supporters of the old sound raveového 90s years, cooperating with independent and non-commercial vision from the mainstream, who is in his music a very feel...
Now, however, started on the scene with a completely new sound just through the project Audio Prophet, who wants to introduce public debut.
And this author of album to me two months before the album's release personally asked me to listen to samples of several songs that will be on the albums, and something about them say.

And as I thus hodbnotil examples ?
The first song I took my imagination, it was a dance song with a sound of 90 years but with very dense atmosphere and pleasant female vocals sung by the one known yet unnamed Swedish singer, who give in to music the angelic soul.
The second song took like me back to how it is different from the previous one, I know that the author of the album to mention that the album will be very stylishly different and varying genres will be very diverse, but I really did not expect this. This is a rather modern concept amen-break with elements of minimal techno and pleasant vocal style setting in the first half of the 90th years but only author to demonstrate how this combination and feel and I must say that he really did and the result is worth attentive listening.
The third and latest song of thanks that I could peek under the hood of the album, the song that is different from the previous two stylish fully different totaled, so that when I mentioned that differs from the first second lot, so this is an even greater range . It is basically a very minimalist lillbient, ie with elements of ambient atmospheric dense lines with the background of broken beats and deep incredible atmosphere that I really got my imagination.
The line that leads the song to perfection introduced me to a certain tranz and I have to admit that there will be an even better song (and I note that this has a high up-standard) and will probably my favorite of the album.
According Audio Prophet, the whole album so different, as different as these three examples, which good vibrate in the my ears, even though it was only a demonstration, but I would point out that really good examples.

Album will be released on August 31, 2013 AmaCreedO Records and its release will certainly not only the performance of the project Audio Prophet, but also a completely new perspective on music that does not detract toward the mainstream, but choose your own entirely separate direction and position it as such.


Felix Sauermoser - Phase Zwei EP

Album released in 13th February 2013


Felix is 35 years old, has worked as a delivery driver and started making music again after he quit drinking. Soon after that, Fretnoiz records asked him for 2 tracks for compilation FNR022 and he was very stunned. Motivated by ADZi, he started focusing on more work and founded Montfort records, because of the need of a Hobby.
After working on Korg Synthesizers for about 2 years Felix decided to use reason and it worked. While suffering on Depressions in a Mental Hospital, he made a Album for his sideproject "Oni_pelted_by_beans".
After a mass of good critics of that release, he changed now the art of music in his life.
This release was made in a Monday night, after a boring day.
He just wanted some action, and so was born the album Phase Zwei EP.


Yurgent file - The Black Morning
Album released in 7. January 2013


Yurgent File now released his second album on AmaCreedO Records 11

The Kiev producer Yurgent File again after one year will issue on the AmaCreedO Records his album. This time, really good full album which, will see the light exactly a year after the publication of him the last EP, namely the 7th January 2013...


The Change Has Occurred
6th independent music compilation will issued 21.12.2012


Complete biographies of all 25 artists who publish their music on this music compilation is:


The Opposer Divine - Memories & Flashbacks through Neurostimulation
Album will be released in 30. September 2012


About author, and album:

Memories & Flashbacks through Neurostimulation is a deep submersion into the darkest corners of the mind. The Opposer Divine (aka. Minor from Terminal State) prepared a sound mysterium of the soul mixed with the deep atmospheres. From the previous works is The Opposer Divine: Memories & Flashbacks through Neurostimulation aimed on the feeling of the sound as a complex, maybe too monotonous but more intensive.


Max Grin - Three'S EP
Album released in 12th August 2012


About author, and about EP:

Max Grin (a.k.a Brown Noise) is based in the south of Russia. In 2004, he started to DJ and produce Jungle & other stuff. Max Grin uses a fusion of music from Dubstep, Electro, Chillout and 2Step.
“Three's” EP features trip between the earth and space and relaxed ambience. Share with friends gets “Slump” features Mac and chill-hop tune "Satellite" features MC Stereo.


Jed Rabid - Wasted EP
Album released in 21. July 2012


 South African producer who says Jed Rabid is not on our label, not a novice, but his music is a unique example of intelligent dance music around dubstep, chillstep etc. and various other sub-genres of electronic music, so you always like this from an artist we will always be something new for issued.
His previous album which was released in June 2012 entailed 4 songs and the title of Lost & Forgotten EP, and his feedback on the internet was really good.
That his new EP called Wasted, certainly not wasted by name, and it is a misleading title :) Again contains 4 songs including 3 authors, and one official remix one song of producer øíkajícího a Black Lotus.
The album is here just for you, so enjoy it just as music has taken.


ADIEH FLOWZ - Pump This Party EP
Album released in 18. July 2012


Im 23, I was Born in Jakarta in 8. September 1988 as Aditya Rangga Ilahude.
Starting career DJ middle of 2006, also Producing music / Composer / Remixer.
I was change name from Aditya to Adieh. In early 2007 I make my own label called FLOWZ, and because that's my name now is (Adieh Flowz). Very often played in all the clubs that exist in Indonesia, and the genre is Electronic (Electro,Electro House) & enough for attract crowd in the club with the good flow.


Released in 08.07.2012 on AmaCreedO Records "11"


The album named "Panta Rei" is a closing chapter release, it empties the buffer of electronic sounds and noises that were created in the last period in the Mindslide lab.   Minor did not left a single song in a box, to have clean space for the forthcoming music activities. Various genres of this release would like to invite every electronic experiments list.


(ACREC013) - 29.06.2012 on AmaCreedO Records "11"


This year's compilation of the first half enriched to 18 artists from 12 countries around the world who donated to the compilation on 31 unique music tracks.
The compilation will be like the last 4 previous, quite fickle genre of electronic music from very light drone, ambient, downtempo, trip-hop through, or break breakbeat, dubstep, and to literally dance music from the world of house, techno, trance, or drumandbass different experiments, and some explicitly gigging bands (reggae, ska and EBM).  Unfortunately we have not heard this one from Japan where it is really perfect electronic music and where it comes most unique producers, but nothing is lost for the next compilation will be released December, 21 December 2012 as a compilation into a new era for our country :)


JED RABID - Lost & Forgotten (ACREC012)
(ACREC012) - 28.04.2012 on AmaCreedO Records "11"


South African producer Jed Rabid (web), is behind a number of unique and sophisticated compositions all kinds of electronic music and decided to release in late April, his 4 track EP on the AmaCreedO Records label. His music is truly unique which blends classic dubstep with other kinds of electronic music, which created a perfect musically coherent completely scenery breathtaking for a beating of heart.
Its 4 tracks EP more than 18 minute long will be called Lost & Forgotten will be released under CC 3.0 BY-NC-SA at the end of April on the us AmaCreedO Records. ( All tracks 140bpm )
About author:
is began to deal with music at the time when in a car seat and drove his mother neglect charming stereo music, not long before Jed tried using a computer keyboard and create their own music as they feel it himself. In high school he got the people who got him to the edge of world music (black metal and gothic industrial music). In its 17 years, but began again more interested in creating music, and his goal was industrial electronic music breaks to large experiments around all that is associated with music. Attention to detail and the melody is still essential in his work, and it is heard in every song...
After returning from school always directed his first trip to the computer in order to create more and more songs.  From 2000 until 2010 did the Jed in this way over 10 hours of good music around ambient, EBM rave with nice features. Over time, he saved up for quality studio equipment and begin devote to this hobby more professionally, and he began to initiate the next musical genres such as dubstep, deep horizons expanded industrial or EBM. Jed does not receive experience and ideas from the world of music only but also for example: Psychedelics, Brain Chemistry, Spirituality, Quantum Physics, Magick, Geometry, Music, Art and Psychology...


Icelandic music producer Swendal will be issued on AmaCreedO Records in March 2012:
(ACREC011) - 24.03.2012 on AmaCreedO Records "11"
(Extended license is: CC 3.0 BY-NC-ND)


The Icelandic music producer named Swendal will be released on AmaCreedO Records in March 2012th
His EP will be contain a multigenre electronic music from light downtempo, ambient-dupstep via trip-hop to various experiments up to light dancing sub-styles. In Iceland is a bit cut off from Europe as a whole, but a live there great artists such as group Voces Thules or as The Sugarcubes, but also big names like singers for example, Bjork, Emiliana Torrini and Sigur Rós etc..
It also has a unique concept Swendal, and his music production is north feel to know that music and that means it can generate by heart and feelings.
Short days and low sun makes the population of Iceland is still something to create and therefore arise in this fabulous country such a unique cultural values that form of music can give to all artists his way.


In March 2012, the planned release a double album Slovak project MindSlide:
(AmaCreedO Records will be this release fully supports and will use our website to its promotion)

The link posted by author for the ordering are bad or missing

Minor's project named MindSlide will be prepared in the limited "hardcopy" edition of the last two combined to releases in to one unique DigiPack. The first release which first appeared on 03 Februarz 2012 on the AmaCreedo Records called "The Opposer Divine" and contains more or less ambient atmospheric charged album, while the second release which is based on March 11, 2012 called "Eternal Fate Conspiracy" a brings rather a mixture of different electronic compositions produced under the supervision of an experienced Andromeda Draco (work on: final mix & Manstering).
Attention ! This is not a pure MP3 release, but is a HardCopy, can be ordered at:


Mindslide - Eternal Fate Conspiracy
Date of releases is 11. March 2012


Another release from Mindslide project titled "Eternal Fate Conspiracy" is released on the AmaCreedO Records in 11. March 2012. The album brings a long track rhythmically prepared in more than 70 minutes of electronic experiments passing across multiple musical genres of electronic music in the 14 tracks. The album was release also mainly thanks to the cooperation with Andromeda Draco (final mix & master) as a thank you...


Moscow producers SmartJoint, Mucky Dino, Stas M will released on AmaCreedO Records
DATE RELEASED 03. March 2012


It is a three-member project from Moscow which the producing mainly electronic music in several years when they started a project to create their own electronic music as a hobby, which employed some leisure after his return from work. All are work as graphic designers or IT etc. so time is short and when the time arises it is being devoted full in to produce of music.
SmartJoint work on the music is mostly ambient music, rebounds and a time to create something such as rock with based electronic components.  Mucky Dino is a huge fan of Flying Lotus, Nujabes, TM Juke, Bibio or such other, and an n hear their music as a model for drawing inspiration.
Stas M is also a lover of music and various forms itself like any other according to their own tastes and it is the inspired in to the his music.
Altogether, all three have their own taste in music which added to his own creation, and does not preclude the fact that one would like to become professional known musicians.


producer Marc Hönninger issue EP on the AmaCreedO Records:
(ACREC07) - 26.02.2012 on AmaCreedO Records


Marc Hönninger (DE/PER):
Marc Hönninger is 29 years old producer originally from Peru but now living in Germany.
The music became interested at a very early childhood. During that time he worked with many tools, all of which he inherited from his grandfather who was a great musician and lover of music as such.
Marc was always inclined to experiment with music,
and so in 10 years said that they began to learn to play instruments, began to learn piano and from the piano that was it just a bit of a different keyboard synthtesizers that were sort of the main creative tool, and so he purchased one such synthesizer, and began to make of music.
So the majority of his compositions which was formed to cooperate with this device, which gave power to the songs, the atmosphere punch and musical experience.
Over time he learned to play the guitar, drums and wind instruments such as saxophone or flute
which was a big plus for its unique composition of songs, where they live instruments widely used and is much used to know the quality of sounds and loops.ABOUT EP:
Marc Hönninger - IceFall EP
The album named IceFall from German producer Marc Hönninger you can meet the unique creation of electronic music based on experience that did garner from active for 19 years making music and playing various instruments.
On the album you'll find everything from light industrial-ambient and trip-hop through to various experiments around downtempo and other sources of electronic music styles.
EP is based on free distribution over the Internet, and is free to download.


Duo of Italian producers PsychoPlastiks on AmaCreedO:
(ACREC06) - 18.02.2012 on AmaCreedO Records


PsychoPlastiks is Italian duo of DJs and Producers since 2009, collect their best unreleased tracks into the first album, named "The Plastik Phobia". This project is composed of 8 songs and with its hectic melodies surely represents a trip across the unknown.
Various atmospheres are set up to amaze the listener: starting with dark sonorities, the style of the album develops into a more cheerful and bright journey. Wild synth, dreaming pads and an acid ambient sound will embrace you during the whole listening. "The Plastik Phobia" could be seen as a visionary way of revising electronic music, going beyond the traditional pattern.
Composers: Dario Macaluso, Giacomo Gussoni.


AuraSphere is fifth artist that issued on AmaCreedO Records in 2012:
( This EP is scheduled for February 9, 2012 )


Aurasphere is a young promising project of the same name of producer from Louisville, Kentucky, USA. The project was planned for a long time, but came out officially until 2011. Among its primary production is mainly Ambient music with a very minimalist sounds and compositions near the border of intelligent drone-ambient. In 2011 already released EP "Ocenscape" which can be downloaded from  which is a real gem of this author. The year 2012 is planned for several other songs, and EP on the AmaCreedO Records, is the first plan of year 2012.
Aurasphere also has its message:
  "keep the spirit of electronic music alive!" Let's keep fingers crossed this budding producer.


Slovak producer Minor as. Mindslide will be released on AmaCreedo Records:
( This EP is scheduled for February 3, 2012 )


Minor's MindSlide:
Minor is promising Slovak producer on the verge of moving EBM, experimental and ambient music with occasional departures into other realms of electronic music.
Minor is a member of the TerminalState group and MindSlide project, which is hardly possible to stabilize the genre, as music is MindSlide too diverse, and come across more electronic styles and directions, which are aimed at engaging the audience mainly thought and feeling to the music as such.
MindSlide album project
that is just what the Minor will be issued on the AmaCreedO Records label, is full of ambient genre with occasional experimental concept, and perhaps gives a slightly different direction to the ambient music of today. His music has an incredible atmosphere and feeling for music, and see that it is not an amateur but he floats in the waters of professional music production as a feather on the water.
His 8 track album with a total length of nearly 39 minutes, you can enjoy listen the from the 3rd February 2012, which comes in the form of FREE MP3 AmaCreedO Records, "11"


Blank Stare as. Nicholas Grider is on the AmaCreedO Records "11":
( This EP is scheduled for January 22, 2012 )


Nicholas Grider as. Blank Stare was classically trained in clarinet and composition from a young age and nearly became a professional clarinetist but has always been interested in noise and drone music as well and has decided to work on that kind of music, which you can hear on this album and feel the strength in which the author inserted himself. Grider has graduate degrees in writing and art and has exhibited his photographs in the US and Europe and has published stories and poems in a wide variety of magazines. His first book, a collection of short stories, is in the process of being sold, and next year he'll have art shows at galleries in both Milwaukee and Los Angeles, both photography and performance art. Grider currently works as a professional photographer.
His web page is her:


Mexican producr Carlos Wybo on the AmaCreedO Records:
(EP will be released 14. january 2012)


In the 14th January 2012, is preparing a new EP Mexican producer Wybo (Carlos Wybo). The EP called Robin Hot EP, and will be contain 7 tracks of special electronic music which gave itself its subgenre of electronic music, and he did so from the heart as are all forms, remixes or cooperations with other musicians. Wybo live in a quiet area of ​​Mexico City, studying music production school and already has a conservatory (piano and guitar) and these tools are mostly trying to use in their own production as it feels according to moods, feelings, and by whichever does not . His work has a touch of mystery with an eye for detail, Wybo issued a few things at Parsec Records and wants to get even farther and nothing was in it yet does not...


Yurgent File's Sacratum EP on the AmaCreedO Records:
(EP will be released 07. january 2012)


Kijev producer who says Yurgent File is released in Saturday, January 7, 2012 on the AmaCreedO Records 11 his a new EP named Sacratum. On the EP will be heard three unique ambient-experimental songs from this unique producer. These three tracks, however, are a few minutes and then the EP may, despite a small number of songs boast almost 21 minutes unique ambient music ...